What should I expect during first visit?

Dr Morris will obtain important relevant information from you, then he may perform a physical examination if required, after which Dr Morris will discuss and explain his findings with you and make a recommendation for investigations and/or treatment.

What I should bring in the first visit ?
  • GP referral
  • Any available investigation like scans or blood tests.
Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Our staff are bound by strict confidentiality requirement as a condition of employment. Strict security measures apply to the patient information records. No release of any of your records without your prior consent.

What about my fees?

We are NOT a bulk billing practice and we do request payment at the time of consultation. There will be a fee for initial consultation (item104) and this fee will be reduced by 50% for subsequent visit if needed (item 105). Postoperative review visit is free of charges. Additional fee could be applied if an in-room procedure is required such as colposcopy or insertion of Mirena. Variation to this billing structure is at our discretion.

How much will I expect to pay?

As we offer a wide range of treatment options, each procedure occurs a different feet. For more tailored fee’s surrounding your individual treatment, please contact our friendly staff.

What are your acceptable payment options?

We accept the following payment options:

  • All bank cards
  • Cash
Can you claim my Medicare rebate for me?

Yes we can do your Medicare rebate online , generally you should have the rebate in your account within 48 hours, provided you have your bank account registered with Medicare, if not ,they will send a cheque by mail.

What about Insurance cover?

Private health funds do not cover your specialist consultation visit but you are expected to receive a Medicare rebate.

There will be an out of pocket Gap for your surgery and this varies from one procedure to another.

It is your responsibility to ensure your health fund will adequately cover your surgery.


If you have any other questions you would like answered, please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 3261 5551

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